Proizvođač: Gembird

    UTP protektor GEMBIRD BT5GY/100 grey, 100 kom

    UTP protektor GEMBIRD BT5GY/100 grey
    Jedinstvena šifra artikla: 36206
    Dostupnost: Na stanju
    15,00 KM sa PDV-om

    UTP protektor GEMBIRD BT5GY/100 grey

    UTP protektor GEMBIRD BT5GY/100 grey

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    UTP protektor GEMBIRD BT5RD/5 red

    0,25 KM sa PDV-om
    Na stanju
    Perfect for color coding connectors Durable strain relief Available in various colors

    Kalkulator ESPERANZA EULER, 12-digit display, ECL103

    9,50 KM sa PDV-om
    Na stanju
    Electronic desktop calculator with large, 12-digit display. It has all the basic mathematical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, calculating percentage), the undo feature typed numbers and the ability to store the results. Leaning display, large display digits and large keys make it easy to work with a calculator. Ideal for everyday use in shops and offices.

    Kabl napojni interni Y molex, GEMBIRD CC-PSU-1 molex 4pin 1x female to 2x male

    4,00 KM sa PDV-om
    Na stanju
    Internal power splitter cable

    Kabl napojni interni GEMBIRD, CC-PSU-81, 12V, Molex to 8-pin PCI express

    12,00 KM sa PDV-om
    Nema na stanju
    Internal power adapter for PCI express video cards Adapter cable with Molex 2pcs x 5.25" power male to 8 pin PCI express connector for video cards

    Kabl napojni interni, SATA to 2x SATA 90 stepeni CC-SATAM2F-02 15cm power cable, GEMBIRD

    7,00 KM sa PDV-om
    Na stanju
    SATA power supply splitter cable with single SATA male to 2 x SATA female connectors 90 degree angled SATA output connectors