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    Tecnost antibakterijska za čišćenje, antistatička, za LCD/TFT ESPERANZA ES107

    Antibakterijske krpice za čišćenje ESPERANZA, antistaticke, za LCD/TFT ES107
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    Antibakterijske krpice za cišcenje ESPERANZA, antistaticke, za LCD/TFT ES107

    Antibakterijske krpice za cišcenje ESPERANZA, antistaticke, za LCD/TFT ES107

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    Punjive baterije ESPERANZA RECHARGEABLE Ni-MH AAA 1000MAH 2kom. white, EZA101W

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    Rechargeable batteries Esperanza combine the latest technology of modern nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries with the advantages of conventional alkaline batteries and replace them perfectly. At the same time they affect less pollution of the environment and allow to achieve significant financial savings. By optimizing cell technology with the ability to load and use in the production of high-quality components has minimized the effect of self-discharge. Rechargeable batteries Esperanza after one year holds 85% of its nominal capacity. Technical Data: Capacity: 1000 mAh Voltage: 1.2 V Size: AAA (HR03) Type: Ni-MH Number of charging cycles: about 1000 times Loading without memory effect Environmentally friendly: 1 battery = 1000 disposable batteries A small self-discharge They can be charged in all chargers designed for charging rechargeable Ni-MH batteries

    Audio kabl AUX GEMBIRD CCA-404-2M, 3,5mm stereo to 3,5mm stereo, 2m

    7,00 KM sa PDV-om
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    PERFECT CONNECTION Suitable for use with most stereo audio equipment Easily connect e.g. your phone/tablet with your home stereo

    Čistač CD, DVD, Blue Ray drajva, ESPERANZA, ES117

    6,15 KM sa PDV-om
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    CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, Audio players and DVD players cleaner. The unique design of the disc with a system of six brushes made of delicate fibers ensures safe removal of the laser lens dust, fine particles and pollutants that cause malfunctioning drives ("skip" misinterpreted discs programs, data, and video). Works with all kinds of readers, automotive and portable and stationary players, Audio CD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD and CD and DVD changers. Durable brush material structure allows reuse disc many times.

    Miš EXTREME 3D, illuminated, USB, Optical, 1000dpi, XM102K

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    Wired, Optical, illuminated side of the case and roll, 1000 DPI, USB

    Univerzalni vjetrobr., nosač držač za auto ESPERANZA KOALA, mob/nav/GPS, 39-110mm, vakum, EMH105

    8,00 KM sa PDV-om
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    The handle can be mounted on any smooth surface such as windshield in your car. In order to attach the handle, just press the clamp. Releasing the clamp handle causes detachment of attached surface. Rotation of 360°. The flexible arm allows you to set the smartphone in any position and at any angle. Adjustable clamp 39-110mm.