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    Express Card MANHATTAN, 34/54 to parallel DB25F, 158022, retail

    65,50 KM sa PDV-om
    Nema na stanju
    Easily adds a configurable parallel port to notebook computers Supports data transfer rates of up to 600 KBps Fits PC ExpressCard/34 and /54 form factor Supports SPP, PS2, EPP and ECP modes Plug and Play installation; hot-swappable; Windows compatible

    USB to Bitronics USB A/C36M, GEMBIRD CUM360/DU-CP, bulk

    24,00 KM sa PDV-om
    Na stanju
    USB AM to parallel C36M printer cable Enables connecting a parallel printer to a USB port Works under Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 with normal printer driver