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    Slušalice SAMSUNG USB Type-C Sound by AKG, black, EO-IC100BBEGEU

    SAMSUNG USB Type-C Earphones with mic Sound by AKG, black, EO-IC100BBEGEU
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    Maramice za čišćenje pak.100 kom, ESPERANZA, ES105

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    Wet wipes for cleaning all kinds of office equipment. They are used to clean monitors, keyboards, computer cases, laptops, printers, copiers, scanners, telephones, telefaxes, typewriters and other similar devices. Bactericidal and anti-static. Remove dust and dirt from the plastic surfaces. Do not leave streaks. Contents 100pcs.

    Pasta za CPU hladnjak GEMBIRD TG-G1.5-01

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    Thermal compund (grease) for heatsinks Helps the heat dissipation from a CPU, chipset or processor to a heatsink Excellent thermal impedance Perfect stability - will not separate, run, migrate, or bleed Non capacitive or electrically conductive Specifications Weight: 1.5 g Color: grey Thermal conductivity: > 4.5 W / mK Thermal Impedance <0.205 C-in2 / W Density: > 2.5 Evaporation: <0.001 % Volatility: <0.005 % The dielectric constant: > 5.1 Dissipation Factor: <0.005 Viscosity: 76 CPS Thixotropic index: 310 ± 10 C Operating Temperature: -50 240 C Composites: 50% silicone compounds Compounds: 30% of carbon The compounds of metal oxides: 20%

    Sprej sa komprimiranim zrakom ESPERANZA, 400ml, ES103

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    Compressed air to remove dust from hard to reach places. Safe and ease of use allows for non-invasive removal of contaminants from electronic devices, photo-optical parts, precision engineering, electrical and many others. Dust and other particles are blown out with compressed air under high pressure. Do not leave any traces of cleaning. 400ml capacity.