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Sredstva za održavanje

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Cistac CD drajva (lasera), GEMBIRD CK-306

CD-ROM laser lens cleaner (wet) Perfect cleaning solution for CD-ROM drives
3,60 KM 3,24 KM

Cistac CD, DVD, Blue Ray drajva, ESPERANZA, ES117

CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, Audio players and DVD players cleaner. The unique design of the disc with a system of six brushes made of delicate fibers ensures safe removal of the laser lens dust, fine particles and pollutants that cause malfunctioning drives ("skip" misinterpreted discs programs, data, and video). Works with all kinds of readers, automotive and portable and stationary players, Audio CD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD and CD and DVD changers. Durable brush material structure allows reuse disc many times.
3,90 KM 3,51 KM

Organizer kablova za racunar, ESPERANZA, 6 kom, random color, EBA101M

Cable Clips are made of high quality, flexible and resistant to damage plastic. Very easy to use. It can be fixed to the walls, tables and many other surfaces. Allows you to organize all kinds of cables with diameter no exceeding 6mm. 6pcs in blister.
4,45 KM 4,00 KM

Organizer kablova spiralni, GEMBIRD, 12mm, 10m, BLACK, CM-WR1210-01

Spiral cable wrap for organizing and protecting cables and wires Flexible, durable and re-usable Easily applied to electrical harnesses, cables and wire bundles
7,20 KM 6,48 KM

Sprej sa komprimiranim zrakom, 400ml, CK-CAD2, GEMBIRD

CLEAN WITH EASE Remove dust and dirt with a powerful blast of compressed air Very efficient for cleaning hard to reach places
7,65 KM 6,88 KM

Sprej sa komprimiranim zrakom, 600ml, CK-CAD4, GEMBIRD

Easily cleans all hard to reach or sensitive places Extension tube for precision-dusting 100% Ozone safe 600 ml can
10,55 KM 9,50 KM

Sprej sa komprimiranim zrakom ESPERANZA, 600ml, ES118

Compressed air to remove dust from hard to reach places. Safe and ease of use allows for non-invasive removal of contaminants from electronic devices, photo-optical parts, precision engineering, electrical and many others. Dust and other particles are blown out with compressed air under high pressure. Do not leave any traces of cleaning. 600ml capacity.
10,55 KM 9,50 KM

Maramice za cišcenje pak.50 kom, GEMBIRD CK-703

Clean with ease Contains 50 pcs wipes Wipes are easy to pull out Perfect to clean LCD/TFT monitors Also suitable for other surfaces
4,40 KM 3,95 KM

Maramice za cišcenje pak.100 kom, GEMBIRD CK-WW100-01

Cleaning wipes (100 pcs) Clean with ease Contains 100 pcs wipes Wipes are easy to pull out Perfect to clean LCD/TFT monitors Also suitable for other surfaces
6,60 KM 5,94 KM

Maramice za cišcenje pak.100 kom, ESPERANZA, ES105

Wet wipes for cleaning all kinds of office equipment. They are used to clean monitors, keyboards, computer cases, laptops, printers, copiers, scanners, telephones, telefaxes, typewriters and other similar devices. Bactericidal and anti-static. Remove dust and dirt from the plastic surfaces. Do not leave streaks. Contents 100pcs.
4,45 KM 4,00 KM

Pribor za cišcenje SPEEDLINK TARA Touchscreen Cleaner Kit, SL-7009

Screen cleaning set cleaning spray and cloth for tablet PC, smartphone, notebooks and PC screens (LCD, Plasma, AMOLED) protective-film compatible removes dirt, dust and fingerprints thorough, streak-free cleaning extra-soft microfibre cloth with ultra-gentle texture easy and controlled application thanks to atomiser spray bottle gentle on the screen alcohol free and eco friendly Made in Germany Bottle content: 50ml Cloth size: 20 x 18cm
8,90 KM 8,01 KM

Pribor za cišcenje LCD/TFT ekrana ESPERANZA SCREEN CLEANER KIT, 60ml, ES110

Cleaning kit for satellite navigation devices, palm tops, PDAs, etc. The kit includes cleaning fluid and a very soft microfiber cloth. It effectively removes dirt and dust in PDAs, satellite navigation sets, LCD monitors, etc. It does not contain alcohol. Capacity 60ml.
3,90 KM 3,51 KM

Pribor za cišcenje LCD/TFT ekrana, Gembird CK-LCD-002 3u1 kit

Pribor za cišcenje LCD/TFT ekrana, Gembird CK-LCD-002 3u1 kit
5,90 KM 5,31 KM

Pribor za cišcenje LCD/TFT ekrana, Gembird CK-LCD-003 6u1 kit

CK-LCD-003 pribor za cišcenje LCD/TFT ekrana, Gembird 6u1 kit
15,55 KM 14,00 KM

VIVANCO Set za cišcenje laptopa i tableta, + mikrofiber, 32434

Anti static Microfibre cloth formulated for all notebooks and tablet computers 100ml cleaning fluid for app. 50 applications
7,90 KM 7,11 KM

VIVANCO Set za cišcenje TFT i LCD ekrana, 4 dijela 23897

VIVANCO TFT/LCD Set za cišcenje, 4 dijela 23897
9,20 KM 8,28 KM

VIVANCO sredstvo za cišcenje TFT i LCD ekrana 200 ml 24015

The invasion of flat screens already takes place. Vivanco now can provide a professional cleaner for smooth cleaning of sensitive TFT and LCD monitors The cleaning liquid does not contain any alcohol and thus does not harm the sensitive surface of the monitors. However, it reliably removes dust, dirt and fingerprints It is also suitable for laptops, PDA screens and for all glass surfaces Simply spray it onto the enclosed cleaning cloth, wipe the screen and polish with a dry cloth The cleaning liquid is alcohol free and environmentaly-friendly Bottle contains 200 ml
12,90 KM 11,61 KM

VIVANCO Set sa pjenom cišcenje TFT i LCD ekrana, + mikrofiber, 26822

CLEANING SET special foam cleaner + antistatic microfibre cloth. Easy use: dispense foam onto the cloth and apply to the surface you wish to clean! Ideal for Plasma / LCD- Displays Removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from glass, metal and other smooth surfaces Ensures a brilliant picture on plasma, LCD and computer screens Also cleans lenses, glasses, cameras etc.
13,15 KM 11,84 KM